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Want to cancel your Run Your Best Life Membership?

Before you go, review some of our FAQs regarding cancellations:

I’m not using the membership because I’m not running much and don’t have much time.  Should I cancel?

What’s great about your Run Your Best Life membership is that you are getting coaching and learning skills that help with all areas of life and not just running.  Even if you are taking a break from running for whatever reason, you will still benefit. When our lives get busy, we, as women, tend to put ourselves last on the list to be cared for.  Maintaining your membership and showing up to the calls is something that will help you through the craziness of life.

I’m injured. Is there any benefit to staying?

Yes, absolutely.  The work we do to help you with running is so much more mental than physical.  If you have a physical injury, you need to be on your mental game so you can tackle the journey and be resilient.  We will help you through this and prepare you for your come back.

If I’m not ready to commit, should I leave?

Ummm, yeah, absolutely 100% you should stay.  Not being able to commit means you have the opportunity to work on what’s holding you back.  Staying in RYBL when you are fearful of committing means you will have a life-changing experience by staying.  It’s okay to be scared and not ready to commit. Staying in the membership and working through this is absolutely critical. Remember that unless you've purchased the annual membership, your monthly membership is a very short term commitment!  Be sure to email us at and share what's going on so we can help you through this. We understand and we are here for you!

If I can’t make the calls, should I even bother to stay?

Just so you know, we have members who’ve been with us for years who’ve never made it to one call.  So why would they stay? They catch the replays, utilize the tools on the website, and stay connected on Facebook.  We’ve been able to provide them coaching for their specific questions and concerns because they’ve submitted questions for us to address on the calls.  Not being able to attend calls doesn’t need to be a barrier… we are happy to work with you to ensure you are successful in your personal goals.

There’s so much and I’m completely overwhelmed and not sure where to even start.  Is it worth continuing?

Yes.  Let us help you devise a plan just for you for what content to consume and when.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, reach out to us immediately so we can walk you through this.  Once you’ve been around longer, this all becomes very familiar, but right now it’s new. We’ll assist you with a game plan and get rid of the overwhelm you are feeling.  We got you.

If I cancel, do I still have access to the site?

Think of the Run Your Best Life membership like your local gym. You have access as long as you are a member. Once you cancel, your membership is disabled. 

When will my access to the site and coaching calls end?

You will have full access to the site, coaching calls, and all online materials until the end of your current billing cycle. So for example, if you signed up on April 12, your next billing cycle would be May 12. Your membership will be disabled on this date and you will no longer be able to log in to the membership site.

When do I need to cancel in order to avoid the next billing cycle charge?

Your billing date is the date you joined the membership program. For example, if you signed up on April 12, your card will be automatically charged again on May 12. If you wish to cancel you must do so on or before 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on May 11. Refunds will not be issued if you cancel after 11:59pm (Eastern Time) on the day before your billing cycle.

Can I take a short break and resume my membership later?

Absolutely! If you'd like to pause your membership until a specific date you can fill out this form. We'll automatically pause your membership and it will resume on the date you choose. However, you will not have access to the website, coaching calls, emails, or Facebook group while your membership is paused.

Never mind I don't want to cancel. Take me back to Run Your Best Life.

Did you know that we have a donation fund that helps people going through financial hardship? If you need financial support during this time you can borrow from that fund to cover one month of your membership. You can apply for support here. 

WAIT! Before you cancel we HIGHLY recommend that you reach out to get coaching from one of our amazing coaches first. A lot of the time what we think is a neutral C (like not having enough time) is really just a thought. Before you fill out the cancellation form below apply for coaching with one of our fantastic coaches on the next regular coaching call. 

Please note that you must fill out the form below using the email where you receive RYBL communications in order to properly cancel your account. If you do not use the right email your account will not cancel and you may be charged again.